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Selasa, 22 November 2011

info sblm spay or neuter pets

General Information
Please adhere to the following rules:
a. Your pet should be fasted from 8pm onwards the night before the surgery (applies to food and water).
b. Your pet must be in good health – sick pets will be rejected for the surgery. Get your pet treated at a government or private clinic first.
c. Do inform us if your pet has been vaccinated or not (it is recommended that your pet be vaccinated first).
d. Do inform us if your female pet is currently on heat or pregnant (on heat or pregnant pets will have a higher risks during surgery).
e. Make sure your pet is cleaned before sending – including getting the ticks/flea problem under control.
f. Cats should be brought to the clinic in carriers/cages and dogs should be leashed at all times.
g. Any pet above 2 months old and weighing at least 1kg is eligible.
h. This clinic is only for local or mixed breed pets.
i. This low cost only applies to lower income owners.
On the day of surgery:
a. Come to the clinic early, preferably before noon. Although appointments are made for the day, it is a first-come first-serve basis on that particular day.
b. Register with the guard at the gate.
c. Make sure cat is secured in a carrier/cage and dog is on a leash. Dog is to be tied at the designated area.
d. Come into the Klinik Kembiri’s office area and fill in the required forms. Please inform us if your pet has been sick recently or if it is on heat/pregnant. You should clarify all enquiries before the surgery begins.
e. It is advisable to stay in the clinic area until your pet recovers from the anaesthetics before bringing them home.
Dog microchipping is also available.

from: SPCA


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